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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
K Project Drama Auditions Voice-Over 05-23-15
Flowers For Algnernon Auditions Los Angeles, CA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-23-15
The Pirates Of Penzance Audition .. Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-23-15
Hay Fever Auditions Auckland Theatre - Non-Equity 05-23-15
Camelot, Musical Auditions Boston, MA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-23-15
The Garment Film Charlotte, NC Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 05-24-15
Lost In Yonkers Audition for Actors Birmingham, AL Theatre - Non-Equity 05-24-15
Disneyland World Of Color Show Au.. Voice-Over 05-24-15
Damn Yankees Auditions In New York Hartford, CT Theatre - Non-Equity 05-24-15
Twelfth Night Auditions for Actors Washington, DC Theatre - Non-Equity 05-25-15
Young Frankenstein Auditions Atlanta, GA Theatre - Non-Equity 05-25-15
American Idiot Open Auditions Albany, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 05-25-15
Auditions for Anne of Green Gables Vancouver, BC Theatre - Non-Equity 05-25-15
Theater Casting for Stage Managers Reno, NV Crew - Management 05-25-15
The Tragedy Of Othello Auditions Indianapolis, IN Theatre - Non-Equity 05-26-15
Audition for Shakespeare's Twelft.. Hartford, CT Theatre - Non-Equity 05-26-15
Stage Manager Needed For Tom Cat Atlanta, GA Crew - Management 05-26-15
Squarepants Are Magic Auditions Voice-Over 05-27-15
Once On This Island For Auditions New York City, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 05-27-15
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On the day of the audition, dress the part and make a good first impression. This doesn't mean you have to go in full costume, but clothing suggestive of the costuming helps the director to "see you" in the part. Also, think about how your character might move or any physical traits they might have, and feel free to incorporate those into your audition.

Be prepared with a song and sheet music if a musician is provided. Otherwise, be prepared to sing "a cappella" (without music). Also, be prepared to sing a song from the show if the director asks you to. They will usually provide you with the sheet music and ask you to sight read, but if you don't need to read the words and follow along with the notes you'll be a step ahead of the game and can focus on your stage presence, therefore making a better impression.

Another way to make a great impression is to find a way for the director to remember your name. This could be anything from wearing a name tag, to repeating your name multiple times, to associating a word or phrase with your name so it sticks in the mind of the director. In a sea of auditioners, sometimes names are hard to remember.

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